Mr. Tashlyn Govender is the Project Manager who successfully carries out planning and executing of all projects KPT Construction undertakes. He also physically oversees all site operations. As the project manager, Mr Govender has seen projects flourish and completed successfully from inception phase to completion phase. He has a broad knowledge of the construction industry and ensures success on all our projects. He also keeps a good personal and business relationship with all suppliers and subcontractors. Tashlyn is also the Safety Officer and Financial Manager who oversees all safety aspects of the construction site and its employees. He is well trained in safety compliance and personally prepares the safety file for each construction site. Mr Govender constantly looks for, and attends, new training courses in the field of safety for construction. He also tracks and keeps a record of every financial transaction to be processed by KPT Construction. With this it allows us to properly manage that the finances of the project are always in line with the work carried out. Tashlyn has many trained staff who work alongside him to achieve his goals.

Mr. Sonny Govender is the Contracts Manager and Project Manager, a rather important role in the company. He communicates with clients and customers providing them with information and pricing for the work they need to be undertaken. He furthermore personally liaises with the professional teams during the course of a project, providing assistance in the execution of a project. He has 30 years of experience in the field, and carries the knowledge with him of which we cannot learn in a textbook. He is constantly passing on his knowledge to other staff members, always ensuring the growth and future success of KPT Construction. He also keeps a good relationship with all clients and staff involved in a project and has an array of subcontractors and labour to work with.

Mrs. Krishnie Govender is the Accounts and Office manager. She ensures that KPT Construction is always up to date with the latest advise and products on the market as well as in line with current standards. With her dedicated work, KPT always gets the best possible price for all material as well as manages a good working relationship with all suppliers. She has 12 years experience in her duties, and ensures that she always works to the highest standard. She personally compiles all supplier recons as well as tracks buying trends with different suppliers as well as the market to maximize the growth of KPT and provide our clients with good discounts when possible.